Kruti Coffee is India’s first culture café, where you can experience the right mix of coffee, tea, continental food with art and music.

We serve the best-in-class Coffee Beverages, made from Arabica Coffee grown on the foothills of Deomali, Koraput, Odisha by our partner coffee growers “Koraput Organic” and “Brown Valley”. Apart from having impact on the livelihood of tribal population, directly and indirectly involved with coffee farming, Kruti Coffee is trying to develop a coffee and tea drinking culture in non-traditional coffee drinking territories like Odisha. The ultimate benefit of this will reach the primary producer as well as make the overall business sustainable. We always follow the principles of FAIR TRADE in the entire value chain.

Apart from Coffee, we intend to provide an authentic tea experience to our customers by infusing black, green and white teas, picked from select farms in Darjeeling, Sikkim, Uttarakhand and Himachal Pradesh. We also serve a wide range of Herbal Teas, picked from the Himalayas, Masala Detox Tea and Cinnamon Detox Tea, keeping the health of your customers in mind.

We strive to serve the most authentic and widest spread of Continental Food prepared by expert chefs. All herbs, used in our food, have been specially grown by our partner NGO Aarohi in the Himalayas.